1,550 Acre Site

US Hwy 30, Van Wert, OH 45891

Property Description: The Van Wert Mega Site is a Jobs Ready Certified site located in the NE corner of the US 30/US127/US224 Interchange at the North edge of the City of Van Wert. It is bounded on the North by the Hoaglin/Ridge Township Line, South by US Hwy 30, East by Gilliland Road and West by Marsh Road and US Route 224. This megasite on 4-lane US Hwy 30 is located 35 miles from I-75 to the East and 28 miles from I-469 to the West. Two population centers within 35 miles and a population of 900,000 and workforce of 486,000 within 45 minutes. The Van Wert region has access to a large labor pool of highly-skilled and highly-educated workers and is within easy access to secondary and post-secondary education institutions.

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