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Why Northwest Ohio

Powering Up the Regional
Logistics & Transportation Industry

Northwest Ohio has built on its geographic position to become one of the leading locations for fast, cost-effective distribution of goods across North America. With access to every mode of transportation, businesses can reach more than 100 million people within a day’s drive. And logistics companies can take advantage of a strong industrial manufacturing base which requires accessible and efficient transportation assets.

Northwest Ohio Logistics Industry – Quick Facts

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  • Within 300 miles of Toledo, this region has access to the most industrial square footage in the U.S.

  • Toledo/Northwest Ohio recognized as a “5-Star Logistics Metro”

  • Ohio owns the nation’s fourth largest interstate system

  • 12 million short tons of goods shipped each year from Toledo Seaport

  • 25 Ohio colleges/universities offering nationally ranked logistics and supply chain management programs

  • CSX 500-acre intermodal facility part of $850 million National Gateway Project

  • Ohio has second lowest effective tax rate  in country for new distribution centers

What They’re Saying

“This is a tremendous logistics hub in the Midwest – if not one of the best east of the Mississippi. It is the most economic place to locate a facility.”

– Chuck Bills, President & CEO, Ohio Logistics