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Why Northwest Ohio

Cultivating the Regional
Food Processing Industry

Northwest Ohio has many of the primary advantages for businesses to flourish in food processing, including workforce, fresh water, logistics, abundant/affordable natural gas and proximity to market. But just as important, this region brings forth an agricultural heritage built around experience, pride and ingenuity – characteristics which have elevated Northwest Ohio into a leading location for investment in the food industry.

Northwest Ohio Food Processing Industry – Quick Facts

Automotive Worker
  • Food processing workforce of 16,000

  • 300 food/ag companies

  • CIFT kitchen incubator helps accelerate startups

  • Home to the world’s largest soup plant

  • Home to the largest ketchup factory in U.S.

  • Lowest taxes in Midwest for food/ag industry

  • 74,000 farms, 14 million acres of agriculture statewide

What They’re Saying

“You’ve got efficient access to a lot of big markets but yet you’ve got a lot of the benefits of operating in a small town, matched with a workforce that’s passionate about the business.”

 – Tom Davis, CEO, Lakeview Farms